man wearing banana print shorts

  • Why is it called the Hellstone? "Well some people think its because of the Hellish hills! But its actually named after the ancient Stone Dolmen / Long Barrow situated up on the hills above Abbotsbury, Dorset.

  • Do we run past the actual Hellstone?
    "Sadly no, the route goes close but there is no public footpath past the Hellstone. There is a marked access path but this only goes to the stones and back, so we cannot run you past it. If you have time though, you can make a short detour off the route to make a visit. "


  • Can I get a GPX file of the route, I get lost easily? 
    "A gpx file will be sent with your race instructions during the week before the event"


  • When will I get my race instructions? 
    "We send out race instructions during the week before the race to make sure you have up to date information"

  • Can I park my car safely?
    "There is a designated parking field, if you have a vehicle with low ground clearance this may be an issue, but otherwise there should be no problems. Please try and car share if possible. Please dont leave valuables in sight as car parking is not monitered and we cannot be held responsible for theft or damage"


  • Can I Run with my Dog?
    "Yes you can, but you must adhere to certain conditions, please see our Canicross Specific Rules at the bottom of the Terms & Conditions page. FYI if you don't have 3rd party liability for your dog, joining Dogs Trust at £25 a year includes a year's 3rd party liability insurance and you help the charity too!"

  • Would you recommend Trail or Road shoes?
    "Trail would be better, there are short tarmac sections but not many and there are steep and potentially slippery hills"


  • Do you have Medics attending?
    "Event First Aid is provided by Dorset Medical Services


  • Can I Defer if I can't run? 
    "Yes but you need to let us know at least 14 days before the event. If you have previously deferred for the same event from the previous year, you will not be able to defer again"


  • Can I swap my race entry with my friend? 
    "Yes but you need to fill out the transfer form on our race entry page for which there will be a £2.50 charge. You need to do this at least 7 days before the event. Please don't run under anyone else's number without going through the correct swap procedure. This can have serious safety implications and you risk a DQ as well. Previously deferred entries are non-transferable, so if you have a deferred entry you cannot swap with a friend" 

  • Is there any compulsory kit? 
    "You need to bring a personal cup or other drinking vessel for use at the aid stations, plus a working mobile phone, other than that we advise you bring a small first aid kit & hand sanitiser, and any clothing appropriate to the weather"